Product: Transaction Manager

First, if you need a refresher on how to find the raw EDI data within Transaction Manager, check out this article.

In order to match the 850 Purchase Order to the 997 Functional Acknowledgement, first find the control number within the 850 data. Check out the example below. The control number is highlighted in red. Also known as the ISA13, the control number is always located in this position in the 850.

Now let's look at the corresponding 997. The matching control number will be found in what's called the AK1 segment. The control number is highlighted in red below.

Additional resources:

  • Within the search for raw EDI view of Transaction Manager, you can search for specific segments in case you need help locating these values. For a full demonstration, check out Lesson 8 in the X12 EDI course in TrueCommerce University.

  • Want to see 997s in your Inbox? Check out the β€œDisplay Functional Acknowledgement” tutorial in the Guided Tutorials section!

rev: 8/3/21

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