The setup defined below is required to establish connectivity with your Shopify store and TrueCommerce’s Commerce Network. This process grants TrueCommerce Foundry as a private application, so that order data can be transmitted to/from Shopify and TrueCommerce.

1. In Shopify, navigate to Apps and click Manage private apps.

2. Click the Create a new private app button.

3. In the App details section, add 'TrueCommerce Foundry' as the Private app name.

The Emergency developer email should be your (the customer’s) email information.

4. In the Admin API section, set the following permissions to allow order import, fulfillment, and inventory updates. Use the scroll bar to access each permission setting as needed.



Store Content

Read access


Read access


Read and write


Read access


Read and write

Product listings

Read access


Read access


Read and write

Fulfillment services

Read and write

Below are screenshots from Shopify with a few more details about each permissions.

5. Click the Save button to save the new permissions and application entry.

6. Upon saving TrueCommerce Foundry as a private app, note the API key, Password, and Shared Secret. This information is required to set up the integration between Shopify and the TrueCommerce Commerce Network.

7. To obtain the different locations that the customer ships from, click the Settings button at the bottom of the page.

8. On the Settings page, click Locations.

9. Note all of the locations listed. The information required is the location name, which will display in boldface text for each location. Text must be exact, including any punctuation.

Use the questionnaire from the Shopify Integration Quick Start Guide to record both the active Shopify locations and the API information required by TrueCommerce.

Every product variant is required to have a unique SKU.

The catalog must not contain any duplicate SKUs.

For more information about TrueCommerce's SKU requirements, click here.

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rev: 7/30/21

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