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Transaction Manager can automatically generate an ASN from a Pack & Ship Shipment. Two things need to be configured.

1) The 940 Warehouse Shipping Advice document that is sent from Transaction Manager to Pack & Ship must have a ‘value’ entered in the Misc. > Pack & Ship > Shipment Type field:

2) This value can be any ‘value’ (in this example is it SOPI), but the requirement to generate the ASN automatically is only that this value must match the value that is input into the 'Fulfillment Type' options located in the trading partner setup:

3) When a Pack & Ship shipment is completed with this partner’s purchase order, these matching keys are the trigger mechanism to auto generate an ASN when the shipment data is received by Transaction Manager.

Additional Details

If there was the possibility that a partner might have a SOPI format for one type of order and SOTI format for another type of order, then the value on the 940 would need to be dynamically populated (if order A then SOPI, if order B then SOTI). Then in 'Fulfillment Type' in the trading partner, you would have SOPI as the key for one ASN transaction that would format as SOPI and SOTI as the key for another ASN transaction that would format as SOTI.

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