Product: Transaction Manager

Do you have a Trading Partner listed in your Trading Partners section that you no longer need or want to see? No problem! Within Foundry, you have the capability to hide any partners that you aren't currently using.

Please note: Trading Partners can't be removed or disabled, only hidden. If a Trading Partner still sends transactions, they will hit the TC network, and you'll be billed for kilo-characters. If you no longer want to receive these transactions, you'll have to ask your Trading Partner to stop sending them.

Navigate to the Administration section under the Transaction Manager menu and select System Configuration. You'll find the option to hide Trading Partners under the Display Settings section.

Next, navigate to the Trading Partner record in Transaction Manager, and check the Hide Trading Partner Plugin box.

Check out this guide for more information.

Want step by step directions? Check out the "How to Hide Trading Partner Relationships" Guided Tutorial!

If you have any additional questions, please contact TrueCommerce Support.

rev: 3/17/22

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