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What does this error mean?

If you're attempting to perform a Ship Import and getting an error that says, "FindTransactionMap Could not locate required map", it means that ALL transactions in the Outbox and any sub folders of the Outbox need to upgraded, or the error will continue. Note: As a best practice, try storing transactions somewhere other than the Outbox or subfolders of the Outbox.

So, how do you know when transactions need to be upgraded?

If you see a yellow triangle/exclamation point next to your transactions, that means an update was made to the Trading Partner map, and in order for Transaction Manager processes to work, the transactions need to be updated.

How do you upgrade the transactions?

Go to your Outbox, as well as each Subfolder of the Outbox, and select all transactions that have a yellow triangle/exclamation point. In the Action Bar, select Options, click Upgrade and then Standard Upgrade.

Once the transactions are updated, try the Ship Import again!

rev: 7/30/21

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