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How can I make sending the 855 transaction easier?

If you always accept the Purchase Order from your Trading Partner and fulfill the order in its entirety, you can utilize the Automation feature in Transaction Manager. For step-by-step guidance, check out the "Automate Transaction" Guided Tutorial in Foundry!

A word of caution: it's best to make sure you're fully aware of your Trading Partner's requirements prior to setting this up. For example, if a transaction is automatically created and sent, but needed to be modified prior to sending, you don't want to incur any chargebacks for not knowing the procedure for fixing this! 

Can I Import the 855 transaction?

The 855 import function can also be added to your account. Contact your Account Manager or the TrueCommerce Support Team for more information.

Not sure who your Account Manager is? Click the Navigation Icon menu in the upper left hand corner of Foundry, and in the flyout menu, click Account Management. Click Account Overview. Your Account Manager and their contact information will be listed in the main view.

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