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A known issue is occurring for many customers while attempting to print labels. The issues range from labels taking a really long time to print to getting errors like the example below.

While we look into a permanent fix, here is a possible workaround:

First, you'll need to upgrade to the latest Integration Service (

Try an Asynchronous Print -- this can only be done in the Foundry version of Transaction Manager. When you go to print the labels, you will see an option for "Standard" or "Asynchronous" Labels. If you choose Asynchronous Labels, the label file will be generated in the background. Then to get the label PDF file, head to the Transaction Manager menu, click on System Activity and then Asynchronous Event Log, and you can click to view the labels there. 

If you're getting an error, you can continue trying to print the normal way until the error no longer comes up -- the error comes and goes, so if you try to print multiple times then eventually you will get the labels to generate. This may take awhile to be successful, however.

Contact Support with any additional questions or issues!

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