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Please be aware that throughout 2021, there will be a slow rollout to the Account Management Portal, which will replace the Customer Center. You can still access and utilize the Customer Center in the meantime. TrueCommerce will formally announce when the Customer Center will be retired. Learn more about AMP here!

What kinds of email notifications are available

Where and how to manage your user information

For more information about managing contacts, check out this article.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact TrueCommerce Support!


Email notifications

Within the TrueCommerce Customer Center, you have the option to setup a variety of email notificatons.

Invoices – Receive monthly emails with a PDF attachment of your network invoice.

Customer Panel – Regularly provide input on TC products and services.

Network Maintenance – Monthly emails with the date and time of upcoming network maintenance.

Product Updates – Receive important emails about Product enhancements.

Trading Partner Map Updates – Notification any time a mapping change is made for your business connections.

New Transactions – Notification whenever you receive a new transaction.

Unacknowledged Transaction – Receive notification if you have transactions that haven’t been acknowledged after a set amount of hours.

Please note: TrueCommerce does not have any notifications designed to alert if a Transaction is rejected.

Manage User Information

You can easily manage and update email notifications for members of your company from the comfort of your keyboard!

Begin by accessing the Customer Center by either clicking the three person silhouette icon within the Foundry platform or logging into

Once you're logged into the Customer Center, click on “Account” and then “Manage Contacts” on the left hand side.

From the Manage Contacts view, click Edit for the user you’d like to subscribe to email notifications. Click Save when you’re done.

Please note that the email notification settings in the Customer Center are account wide. If you’re interested in receiving a new transaction notification that’s partner specific, you can have a Carbon Copy made that emails a PDF of the PO to a specific email address. This is a paid service. Contact your account manager for more information.

Not sure who your Account Manager is? The article below will show you how to find out who your Account Manager is within the Account Management Portal in Foundry:

AMP: Account Manager

rev: 8/3/21

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