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Want to a tour of the Reports feature in Transaction Manager? Check out the "Reports Overview" Guided Tutorial!

The Reports feature is located under the Transaction Manager menu options.

Understanding Transaction Manager Reporting

Report Types

Summary Reports

Task Reports

Creating a Report

These articles take you through each required step of the Reports section:

  1. Select Trading Partners

  2. Select Documents

  3. Select Date Range

Here's some supplemental info for you in case you need it!

Renaming a Report

Deleting a Report

Viewing a Task Report

Viewing a Transaction History Report

"View Report As" section

Advanced Report Settings

Reporting FAQs

Is there a report that will show all of the transactions that failed for a particular week/month?

There is no report for this. Failures are normally reported to a vendor via an email, but can also be reported via an EDI 824 (Application Advice) or an EDI 864 (Text message).

Is there a report that will show items sold by a customer?

There is no report for this at this time within the Transaction Manager Reports feature.

Can I print a report that shows item quantity and price?

Reports will show header level information only.

rev: 7/30/21

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