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Is your Trading Partner requesting an 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement transaction? Never sent one before? No problem! Check out the information on the 855 below, as well as details surrounding the 997 to learn the difference between the two.

Functional Acknowledgement (997)

Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855)

Functional Acknowledgement

A Functional Acknowledgement, or EDI 997, is an electronic receipt. For instance if you receive an 850 Purchase Order, a 997 would be generated automatically to let your Trading Partner know that the Purchase Order was received. A 997 is used to acknowledge any type of transaction.

To see if a transaction that you sent to a Trading Partner has been received, check out the Date Ack column in your Sent folder.

You can update your settings in the Customer Center to receive emails for Unacknowledged Transactions in a case 997 isn't generated to acknowledge a transaction. In the Customer Center, click Account and Manage Contacts. Click Edit next to your name and check the Unacknowledged Transactions alert.

Purchase Order Acknowledgement

Note: It's always best to talk to your Trading Partner first to make sure you know their process for modifying or rejecting orders, as well as to make sure that they accept the Purchase Order Acknowledgement.

The Purchase Order Acknowledgement, or EDI 855, is exactly what it sounds like: it’s used to acknowledge that a Purchase Order was received. Unlike the 997, this transaction is only used to acknowledge the Purchase Order, and requires you to accept or reject each item, as well as modify certain details if need be. For example, you can communicate in the 855 if any of the items are backordered or if delivery dates need to be adjusted. Or, the 855 can be used to simply let them know that everything looks great and will be fulfilled as ordered.

Keep in mind that transactions are built based on each individual Trading Partner's specifications, and the options in the 855 may vary (including the wording). Here are some commonly used options:

Acknowledge with Detail and Change: Acknowledges the receipt of the PO but indicates that the shipment will be different from what was originally ordered.

Acknowledge with Detail, no Change: Communicates to your Trading Partner that the PO is being acknowledged and the order will be shipped as requested.

Reject with Detail: Communicates to your Trading Partner that the PO is being rejected and the items within the order will contain the rejection details, such as Item Backordered and Item Deleted.’

The 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement can be created by Turnaround.

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Automate the 855

For step-by-step guidance, check out the “How to create a Transaction by Turnaround” tutorial under Guided Tutorials in Foundry.

Check out the 855 and 997 videos in the X12 EDI course in the World of EDI section of TrueCommerce University.

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