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Transaction Manager: Import Document Type Error
Transaction Manager: Import Document Type Error
Here are the steps to troubleshoot the "Import Document Type" error.
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So, you’re trying to import a transaction from your ERP system to Transaction Manager, and you get the error below. Now what?!

The Import Document Type is a setting that “tells” Transaction Manager what transaction is being imported. Take the following steps to fix this error!

  1. Click Trading Partners.

2. Select the Trading Partner from the list.
3. Click Preferences in the Action Bar and select Transactions.

4. Click Integration under Transaction Setup.

5. Find the transaction that you’re trying to import under the Transaction Type column and select the document type from the dropdown under the Import Document Type column. For example, if you're importing an Invoice, choose Invoice from the dropdown list.

6. Click Save in the Action Bar.

7. Try importing again!

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rev: 6/11/21

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