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The more your business grows, the more documents and transactions you receive. This is a good problem to have, as this means your business is doing well! However, it can also add to confusion when it comes to finding the documents.

This article is designed to help you find those documents using the tools and services provided by TrueCommerce.

Using the filter options in a folder.

Most often, the transaction or document being looked for is within a specific folder but is pages deep. Without even launching a search tool, you can use the grid view filters to narrow down what is displayed. This is by far the fastest way to find content within a specific folder.

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Using the Transaction Manager Search function.

If the transaction you are looking for is within the past 5-6 months you can use the standard search functionality. This diverse search tool will help you find transactions actively stored.

What if my transactions are older than 5-6 months?

You are in luck! We automatically store transactions into an archive directory for a little over a year. If Transactions have been restored, they will return to the folder they were originally, likely to be the last on the page in the respective folder. Please note that any restored documents return to the archives after midnight the next day, and will need to be restored again if they are still needed. To search your archive, follow these archive search instructions.

Transactions over the 2 year mark. What now?

If you need help obtaining transactions over the two year mark of our archive, contact our support team to talk about the details. Our team is able to extract the data from our disaster recovery sites; however, there is a charge associated to the work that is billed hourly and is based on the volume of data requested.

rev: 6/18/21

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