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Often times we are asked what the TrueCommerce Integration Service is.

To summarize, the Integration Service is a locally installed service that helps facilitate communication between Transaction Manager and your accounting system. It also facilitates communication for on-premise label printing with the Labeling Utility, as well as managing Scheduler activities.

I thought TrueCommerce is a cloud solution? Why do I need to install anything? In order for Transaction Manager to talk securely to your accounting system and to manage local events on your computer, we have to have the Integration Service installed to ensure security is maintained and permissions are granted.

How do I know if I need the Integration Service? When you perform an action within Transaction Manager that requires the integration service, you will be prompted to download and install the service.

How do I know if I already have it installed? Check out our article on how to verify if the service is already installed.

What does the Integration Service include with the installation?
This section will provide some technical details on what is installed with the Integration Service.

A local service called Transaction Manager Integration Service will be entered into your services list. The following applications will be dropped into your Program Files (x86)\TrueCommerce folder.

Legacy Integration Service:

  • TmoIntSvcs.exe

  • TmoIntegrationService.exe

Newest Integration Service:

  • TmoIntegrationServicesV2.exe

Both of those executables will be configured to launch on login of the computer.

Looking for more? Check out the Integration Service tutorial found under the Integration Basics section of TrueCommerce University.

rev: 3/27/22

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