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What is the Primary Item?

The Primary Item is a unique item value being sent by the Trading Partner, and is usually the same for all orders. For instance, they might send a UPC # (like the example below), a Buyer’s Item # or a Vendor Item #. Whatever item value they are sending would need to be set as your Primary Item Field. Note: The default Primary Item in Transaction Manager is the UPC #, so if this value isn’t being sent, the Primary Item would need to be updated in the Transaction Setup section of the Trading Partner record.

Where can I see the Primary Item in the Item Catalog?

The Primary Item is the second column in the Item Catalog. For integrated customers, the Primary Item works in conjunction with the Item Translation column.

Where is the Primary Item updated?

You can update the Primary Item by going to the Trading Partner record, clicking Preferences in the Action Bar and selecting Transactions. Click Translations under Transaction Setup. It is best practice to change all Primary Item Field dropdowns to the correct value, unless otherwise instructed by your Implementation Specialist.

For Integrated Customers

The Primary Item is especially important for Integrated customers. The Primary Item plays a key role in translating item values between Transaction Manager and your business system. Along with the Primary Item Field, the Item Translation field will also need to be populated with the corresponding item value from your business system. Note: The value in the Item Translation column must match the value in your business system exactly (case and space sensitive).

Looking for more? Check out the Item Catalog (Integrated) tutorial in the Integration Basics section of TrueCommerce University to see a demonstration of the Primary Item Value.

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