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The TrueCommerce Foundry suite is a cloud-based solution, meaning we at TrueCommerce host it for you. That removes a lot of the common restrictions associated with cross-platform support, such as using a Microsoft operating system or a Mac operating system.

Therefore, the general consensus is that yes, the TrueCommerce Foundry Suite does run on alternative operating systems such as Apple or Linux.

However, there are caveats to this compatibility. If any local integrations must take place between the Transaction Manager platform and a local ERP (i.e. QuickBooks, SAGE 100, Dynamics GP), there is a need to install a local application known as the TrueCommerce Integration Service. This service is only compatible with the Windows operating system.

If your business utilizes a cloud-based integration, such as NetSuite or QuickBooks Online, you are able to bypass the need to install any local integration services, therefore opening opportunities to use operating systems outside of Microsoft.

We hope this brings clarity to your inquiry. If not, reach out to our Support Team for further help. Thanks!

rev: 8/17/22

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