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If desired, you can build a custom map formula for import and export Entitles in your Project by adding various tokens within Mapping Manager's Build Custom Formula function.

To build a custom formula:

  1. Click a row with existing content in the map schema to add a new (blank) row on the Mapping page for Partner Maps.

    This action enables the Build Custom Formula button

  2. From the Tokens tab, click the plus (+) sign for the source token, then click the chevron for the desired value under the Entity Definition tab or Tools tab to automatically populate the destination column, or click and drag the token to the Destination in the grid.

    You can remove the newly-added row(s) by clicking the Reset button before saving the formula.

  3. Click Build Custom Formula.

    Clicking Undo will only undo the most recently performed action.

    The screen refreshes with the custom formula box open.

    If you clicked a row with existing content and then clicked Build Custom Formula, the token content will show within the custom formula box where you can add more to it.

  4. To add tokens to existing content in the custom formula box, click the + to the left of the desired token under the Tokens tab.

    If you created a new row and clicked Build Custom Formula, the custom formula box will be empty. You can add your desired formula using click and drag-and-drop from the left pane Tokens and Entity Definition tabs. Use the Format button to format the formula.

  5. Once the custom formula is complete, click Set Formula to save it.

Validating a Custom Formula

Once a custom formula is built, you can ensure there are no errors in the newly-created formula string before saving it in Mapping Manager.

To do this, click Validate above the custom formula box.

If there are no errors in the formula, the Validation Results pop-up will indicate Success. If errors exist, the Validation Results will indicate as such.

Linearizing a Custom Formula

To linearize a custom formula, click Linearize above the custom formula box.

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