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Permissions control access to Pulse and functions within the application. Each customer implements a security model that works for them. Below are settings specific to the Pulse application. For information about overall Foundry platform settings, click here.

There are two key factors to think about when providing Foundry users with the correct level of access to Pulse:

  • Access to Pulse functionality

  • Access to the KPIs that allow a user to see the pages and data associated with the products they reference

With this in mind you may want to set up the following roles to manage how your users can access Pulse:

Restricted - View only access to specific KPI results, for specific products, in the form of specific dashboards, pivots, and spreadsheets.

Advanced - Full access to create and manage their own dashboards, pivots, and spreadsheets using existing KPIs for all products

Administrator - Ability to create new KPIs for use in dashboards, pivots, and spreadsheets.

Only TrueCommerce Service Accounts have the ability to add new connections for products and databases, as well as to create the queries and filters used by KPIs.



Ability to view, create or manage KPI views (dashboards, pivots, and spreadsheets) create/manage KPIs, filters, and Marquee functionality.


Order Export

Order/Customer Status

Sales Charts

Sales Gauges

KPIs\Pack and Ship


Ship Cost

Ship Volume


Incoming Documents

Processed Documents

Related Documents

Transaction Detail

Transaction Overview

Shared Pivot Views
Shared Spreadsheet Views
Shared Views

Controls access to shared views


These are licensed adaptors and functionality used to access the products and databases KPIs are referencing.

rev: 4/11/22

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