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The following steps are required for listing products with eBay.

  1. Establish your store on eBay. Notify your TrueCommerce representative if you need any assistance.

  2. Ensure all of your products are properly loaded into Product Manager (PIM) in preparation for integration and channel setup.

    TrueCommerce creates the integration to populate your eBay store information and advises you when it is accomplished.

  3. Set up your eBay channel along with your validations and catalogs.

    TrueCommerce activates the integration, pulling down category, taxonomy, and item-specific required attribute information based on eBay categories.

  4. Upon successful integration, complete the data fields required for listing your products.

  5. Determine each product's readiness for publishing based on the eBay validation rules, data fields, and attributes you established earlier.

  6. Manage listings once they are published to your eBay store.

rev: 1/10/22

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