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After login, the home page for TrueCommerce Foundry displays with its navigation bar at left. Click the navigation icon to open the menu and view Mapping Manager.

Click Mapping Manager.

The Projects and Maps menu selections will display. These menu items are used to navigate throughout Mapping Manager for each trading partner that your organization integrates with TrueCommerce Transaction Manager. By default, the Maps page will display to the right of the Mapping Manager navigation menu.

  • Projects - A Project represents your business system plug-in (BSP) in Transaction Manager/Foundry and contains all of your trading partner information. Typically, an organization has only one Project.

  • Maps - Maps can be utilized to set up field-to-field mapping, Project-to-Token mapping for Transaction Manager integrations, and point-to-point mapping for Integration Gateway maps; for example, your Project as Source and Transaction Manager as Destination, or vice-versa.

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rev: 2/11/22

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