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Transaction Manager: Integrated Transaction Saved Searches
Transaction Manager: Integrated Transaction Saved Searches
How to edit and/or delete saved searches for transaction Imports.
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Product: Transaction Manager

This brief article will explain how to delete and edit saved searches in the Integrated Transaction Search.

  1. Go to your Outbox.

  2. Click Import in the Action Bar.

  3. Switch the Mode in the Action Bar from View to Edit.

  4. Select the Saved Search you wish to edit or delete.

Troubleshooting Notes:

You can only edit or delete a Saved Search if the event is successful. If you run the search and it fails or times out, you either need to a) switch to Edit Mode and modify the criteria before doing the search or b) go back to the Outbox, click Import and then switch to Edit Mode.

rev: 5/20/21

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