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Congratulations on purchasing Product Manager and welcome aboard! This page lists out some things to keep in mind as you get started with TrueCommerce.

Project Recommendations

Understand the Data You Want to Store

Structuring Your Data

Verifying Your Data

Publishing Your Data

What's Included in Your Project?

Project Recommendations

  • Have clear objectives and understand the benefits the project will bring to your business.

  • Build an effective project team.

  • Define project responsibilities, communication and escalation.

  • Set and monitor milestones

Understand the Data You Want to Store

  • What product information do you currently have in applications, spreadsheets and other data stores that would benefit form a central, structured product repository?

  • Do you receive product information from external parties – suppliers, regional distributors etc.?

  • If you are using Product Manager as your master data source, what product data does your ERP system need? What other applications should be populated from Product Manager? What data is required?

  • What data is required for the channels you plan to sell through? What data do your customers need? What file formats are required?

Structuring Your Data

  • Define your categories

  • How does your category structure map on to the categories used by your sales channels and customers?

  • How and when will you use product variants (e.g. size & color)?

  • Do you need to translate your products attributes for your customers and channels (e.g. crimson to red)?

  • What user defined data elements do you need for all products? For each product category? What values are valid for those data elements?

  • Do you need to support multiple-languages?

Verifying Your Data

  • Validation rules – What’s good for you? What’s good for each sales channel? For each customer?

  • What states does your product data move through before it is available to publish? Who needs to approve the data at each state?

Publishing Product Information

  • Organizing your catalogs

  • Category translations

  • Attribute translations

  • Building output files

What’s Included in Your Project?

  • A detailed workshop that helps you understand exactly how you would use the Product Manager software.

  • Training. This extends from the workshop, providing detailed training on:

  1. Creating categories

  2. Products and variants (items)

  3. How to create user defined fields

  4. How to create imports and exports

  5. Building and populating catalogs

  6. Validation and workflow

  • Initial application configuration, including:

  1. Validation rules

  2. Workflow

  3. Up to three data imports

  4. Up to three data exports

  • Project Management, including weekly review calls.

  • Access to a help desk.

rev: 5/18/21

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