1. Read the API documentation on the Walmart Developer Center.

2. Generate your credentials (Consumer ID and Private Key) in Seller Center.

3. Build and test your code. Get your authentication and transaction code (including error handling) working.

4. Ensure your code is well-integrated with your systems.

5. Certify your code and move it into production.

The products provided in your Walmart export must be present in the marketplace during testing. If you plan on making changes to your products before the testing cycle, please make sure to provide the most recent product export before testing begins. This will ensure proper transmission of order, fulfillment, and inventory information throughout your integration.

Orders must originate from the Walmart Webstore to successfully confirm desired results as the data is transmitted throughout your integration. This will allow for confirmation that required product and order data is present throughout the TrueCommerce Network.

Make sure your Walmart marketplace is prepped and has been deployed to a production environment to begin testing with TrueCommerce.

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