We’ve established your connection, now let’s talk about what happens during the testing phase.

Product Synchronization

We will start by syncing your product catalogue to our database. This ensures the uniqueness of your SKUs and confirms that your Shopify store is ready to communicate with TrueCommerce. Refer to our article on SKU Management.

Order Testing

Once the product sync has completed without errors, TrueCommerce will request a test order. For more information, see Placing a Test Order in Shopify's Help Center.

Your TrueCommerce representative will confirm your data has been successfully transmitted through our network. Once an order is received in your TrueCommerce system, we will work closely with you to meet the needs of your data.

Shipment Testing

When you are satisfied with the order flow we will begin test shipments. Fulfillments can then be sent back to your Shopify store. There are a few data requirements on the data flowing from Transaction Manager to Shopify which are necessary for successful integration. Listed below are the data elements and their tab location on the Shopify ASN in Transaction Manager:

Transaction Manager Tab

Transaction Manager Field Name


Shipment Detail.Order

PO #

Must match exactly to the PO # received on the Shopify PO

Shipment Detail.Item

Line #

Must match exactly to the Line # from the Shopify PO

Shipment Detail.Item


Must match exactly to the SKU received on the Shopify PO

Shipment Detail.Tracking #

Tracking Number

Each item requires a tracking number. The same tracking number can be used for multiple products if shipped in the same box. If they are shipped in individual boxes, they should be unique.


Ship Date

The date the order was shipped is required

Addresses.Ship To

All fields

Must match Addresses.Ship To data received on purchase order



Must match the Location Name from your Shopify store. This can be templated with the primary location name.

We will confirm proper data flow by ensuring that your order has updated to a fulfilled status.

The Shopify integration will add a tracking number for each item on the order and indicate the line is fulfilled.

Inventory Testing

After successful fulfillment status updates, we will initiate the inventory test. Inventory files require SKUs, quantities, and the relevant fulfillment location code you have created in locations. The location code is the name of your location as it appears in Shopify.

In the final test, SKUs and quantities will be transmitted via our Data Hub to your Shopify store to update inventory quantities.

rev: 5/19/22

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