Product: Transaction Manager

On occasion you may receive a Purchase Order from a Trading Partner that contains an item that needs to be modified (i.e. quantity) or removed. You may also need to reject or cancel the Purchase Order all together. These actions can be accomplished using a Purchase Order Acknowledgement transaction.

The Purchase Order Acknowledgement is used to communicate to a Trading Partner than an order was received and whether or not the items requested will be fulfilled or if there are any changes.

Note: It's always best to talk to your Trading Partner first to make sure you know their process for modifying or rejecting orders, as well as to make sure that they accept the Purchase Order Acknowledgement.

Check out the Purchase Order Acknowledgement lesson in the X12 EDI course in TrueCommerce University to see a demonstration of how to create the 855!

To reject or change an item:

Each line item will contain options to indicate the status of each item, such as Item Accepted or Item Rejected. If you select an option other than Item Accepted, you'll likely need to select an option as to why there is going to be a modification.

Note: If you're unable to fulfill an item, do not delete the line item from the Purchase Order Acknowledgement. Just indicate the reasoning in the transaction.

To cancel a Purchase Order:

Utilize the dropdown options in the Purchase Order Acknowledgement to indicate that the order is canceled and that the items requested in the order are rejected. You may need to indicate the reason why the items are being rejected.

rev: 5/27/21

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