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Can Pulse be used with multiple TrueCommerce Foundry applications?

Yes, Pulse can be used with multiple Foundry applications. Each application provides a variety of available data for Pulse to display on the individual dashboards.

Can I see Item-level data for TrueCommerce Transaction Manager in Pulse?

No. Currently, Transaction Manager users can only report based on header data, such as Dollar Amount, PO Number, Ship To State, etc.

Can I create my own dashboard?

Yes, you can create your own dashboards with any available filters.

Can I add more filters?

This will depend on what data you’d like to obtain. Contact TrueCommerce Support, and they will submit your request to the appropriate team. Should the request be accepted, you’ll be contacted with the associated costs to obtain new filters.

How much does Pulse cost?

There is no additional charge for Pulse; the application and its base (standard) dashboards are free. However, additional requests or upgrades may have associated fees.

What training materials are available for Pulse?

Check out the Intro to Pulse video in TrueCommerce University. Also, there are several step-by-step tutorials under the Guided Tutorials section of Foundry.

rev: 6/01/21

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