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Transaction Manager: Transaction Archiving and Recovery
Transaction Manager: Transaction Archiving and Recovery
Want to know how far back TrueCommerce archives or holds transactions? Need to find an old transaction? This article will explain!
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Product: Transaction Manager

The process for finding a transaction that is a couple months old versus a couple years old varies.

What can I (the end user) recover?

Transaction Manager keeps transactions in the active database (Inbox, Received, Sent, Outbox) for six months from the creation date.  As long as those transactions are inside the active database, you can access and make use of them like any other transaction in the application.

Once the transaction is around the six month marker, it is moved into our archived transaction database for two years. You are able to recover transactions out of that archive anytime in that two year window by following our Transaction Manager Archive Recover instructions. After that, the transactions are moved to backup storage. Once in the backup, it is a paid service to have transactions restored.

Please note that the transactions you restore will be archived again at 3:00AM EST the following day; therefore, we recommend you make use of the recovery the same day it is recovered to avoid the re-archiving.

What can TrueCommerce recover?

If the transactions you intend to recover are greater than two years old, you will require special assistance by the TrueCommerce team to extract it from our backup sites. This is a billable service, depending on the quantity of transactions (and age range) to be recovered.

If you would like to move down the path of recovering transactions through this service, contact our support team to further inquire on what is possible based on your situation.

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