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Nexternal: Unit of Measure (UOM)
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Product: Nexternal

A Unit of Measure (UOM) field exists on each Product setup page in your Order Management System. The UOM defaults to "each", but you may select from any of the following options as appropriate.

A product's Unit of Measure (UOM) consists of a two-letter code and a descriptive name. If you are using TrueCommerce Connect (Settings/Compatible Software), the two-letter code is included in the EDI 850 documents by which orders are exported to your supported ERP system. You may also choose to display the descriptive name (without the two-letter code) to customers in your Online Store via the Display Unit of Measure field (Layout/Main Layout/Visibility Rules).

Note: UOM may be defined at both the product and SKU levels. When specified at both levels, the SKU level value takes precedence.

Tip: If you are displaying UOM in the Online Store, you may change the Unit of Measure Label to any text of your choosing at Layout/General Layout/Labels.

rev: 5/22/23

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