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With the latest release of Foundry Platform, we're excited to announce that we're rolling out Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

When will MFA be live?

What does the MFA login look like going forward?

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

When you sign into Foundry you're proving that you are who you say you are. Traditionally that's been done with a username and a password which isn't as secure as it could be.

That's why almost all online services - banks, social media, shopping and other sites have added a way for your accounts to be more secure. You may hear it called "Two-Step Verification" or "Multi-Factor Authentication" but it's all the same idea: When you sign into Foundry for the first time on a new device or application (like a web browser) you need more than just the username and password. You need a second thing - what we call a second "factor" - to prove who you are. These other factors will provide a Time Based One Time Password (TOTP), which is a 4-8 digit code that you then input to confirm it's you.

In Foundry, you'll have 3 options. Click a link to learn how to set up that option.

When will MFA be live?

Once Platform 2.5 is released, when you log in, you will see this prompt to update your information in Foundry. You will have 60 days to update your information or install an authenticator.

Email and SMS

As we mentioned above, in order to use either of these options you will need to update your information in Foundry. If you don't see the prompt at login, you can always navigate to Settings > My Profile > General and input your updated email and phone number.

Phone number should be a valid number to receive a text (SMS) message.

US and Canada:

Enter the phone number with area code; no formatting is required. For example, a US-based number of (615) 323-1111 should be entered as: 6153231111.


Enter the phone number in the international number format as follows:

[+][country code][local area code][local phone number]. For example, a UK-based number of 012 3456 7890 should be entered as +441234567890.

Authenticator App

Each user that wants to use an authenticator application needs to setup their desired application. Follow the instructions in your chosen authenticator application to set it up. You can you use any Time Based One Time Password (TOTP) protocol compliant application such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc.

  1. Your MFA Value can be found by navigating to Settings > My Profile > General.

  2. At the bottom of that screen, click Generate Secret Key.

  3. You will then see a QR code. You can either open your chosen authenticator app and scan the QR code or scan the code with your camera and choose an authenticator app.

  4. Click Save. You will now have the option at login to use an authenticator app for verification purposes.

What does the MFA login look like going forward?

The initial login screen will look the same:

Once you click the Login button, you will see this screen where you can choose to receive the verification code via text or email.

Note: If you check the "Remember me on this device" box, Foundry will remember you on this specific device and won't ask you to verify for the next 90 days.


How do you want to receive the code?

Enter the code.

SMS Text Message



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