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We are contacting you to notify your organization of an upcoming change in support, availability and access to the legacy “Silverlight” version of the TrueCommerce Transaction Manager application as well as to ensure your organization is aware of how to utilize our next generation Transaction Manager application. Microsoft has announced that, on October 12th, 2021, the Silverlight development framework will end support for Internet Explorer version 11. While Microsoft will not take any specific action to terminate applications built using the Silverlight framework, they will not apply any future quality or security updates. As a result, TrueCommerce will have limited ability to provide future software enhancements for the Silverlight version of Transaction Manager.

TrueCommerce will extend end of life support for the Silverlight version of the Transaction Manager application up to December 31, 2021 to provide our customers with additional time to transition to our next generation Transaction Manager application. While not anticipated, there may be limits in our ability to address specific issues due to the end-of-life support for Silverlight. We strongly encourage your organization to begin to transition to the next generation TrueCommerce Foundry version of Transaction Manager which was released in 2018. Please note that there are no fees or other charges to utilize the TrueCommerce Foundry version of Transaction Manager and all data, settings and transactions are fully available with no action required from your organization.

If you are a RightNetworks customer currently using the Silverlight Transaction Manager please know we’re working directly with them on a migration path. This will give the users within that environment the ability to use the new Transaction Manager.

To help familiarize your organization with the TrueCommerce Foundry version of Transaction Manager, we offer a complete library of eLearning resources including self-guided courses, guided tutorials and knowledge articles.

For additional information regarding Microsoft’s Silverlight end of life announcement, please refer to Microsoft’s FAQ page available at Microsoft will stop distributing the installer for Silverlight and also does not license 3rd parties (including TrueCommerce) to redistribute Silverlight. It’s recommended that you keep a version of the installer saved on your network if needed. You can find that installer here.

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