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UPDATE: Walmart notified TrueCommerce that they have moved all customers to Production. For steps on how to prepare Transaction Manager for next steps, check out this article.

What is the initiative?

Beginning February 1, 2021, the Advance Shipment Notice will be required for all Domestic Purchase Orders (PO) shipped to a Walmart U.S. Distribution and/or Fulfillment Center. Dropship or DSD not included.

NOTE: If you did NOT receive communication via email or Retail Link from Walmart, please contact Walmart prior to proceeding with these steps. This is only for customers who have been communicating with Walmart directly.

Per the Walmart rollout schedule, while ASNs are expected starting February 1, 2021, ASN fines will not begin until May 1, 2021.

What can you do?

Prior to calling Walmart:

  1. Log into Walmart's Retail Link here.
  2. Navigate to Apps, and select EDI-B2B.
  3. Click Global Enterprise Mailbox (GEM).
  4. At the top of the page, select Document Testing and then Available Transactions.
  5. Select the Country Code.
  6. Locate the 824-Application Advice from the list of transactions. In the far right column, click Request. Then Save.
  7. Next, find the 856-Standard DC from the list of transactions. In the far right column, click Request. Then Save.
  8. Go back to the Document Testing dropdown, and select Portal Dashboard.
  9. Click Start on the 824 and 856, and Save.

Once you click Save, you might be prompted to fill in the following information:

Supplier EDI Qualifier: Enter your Qualifier (Example: 12).

Supplier Interchange ID: Enter your EDI ID without the Qualifier (Example: 7249405525).

Supplier Group ID: Enter your EDI ID without the Qualifier (Example: 7249405525).

Element Separator: *

Segment Terminator: ~

Sub-element separator: >

Check out this article for more information on how to find your Qualifier and EDI ID.

  • Call Walmart and ask them to "Move the ASN to Production to by-pass the Retail Link testing".
  1. Make sure the user with the Retail Link ID is the one talking to Walmart on the phone. This user will need to provide their Retail Link ID, and it has to match the person on the call.
  2. When listening to Walmart's automated system, say "EDI" or stay silent to be prompted to dial by phone. After being prompted, select Option 4 for EDI.
  3. Confirm with the Walmart representative that the ASN is for a Ship to DC or Fulfillment Center, and that you utilize TrueCommerce as your Third Party approved provider. Request the representative to move the ASN into Production.
  4. The Retail Link user will get an email 24-48 hours later approving the file.
  • Once you receive the email...
  1. The ASN is officially in Production. Contact your assigned Implementation Specialist right away to let them know you received the email from Walmart. If you haven't heard from an Implementation Specialist yet, contact TrueCommerce Support.
  2. You'll work with your assigned Specialist to ensure you're prepared to send the ASN.
  3. Walmart is asking for UCC-128 labels to be sent, so whether or not you're using the TrueCommerce Labeling Solution or your own labeling solution, you'll want to email Walmart with your label sample. If using the TrueCommerce Labeling Solution, your assigned Specialist can work with you on generating this. Please email your labels to, using the subject line "Barcode Verification".
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